(A tip to copy safe) nice to see our moderators in action



I was pleased to see that the thread was closed, we all started at the bottom and worked up, the quickest way to disalusion someone is to take the p* out of them, new comers are always welcome to the forum the same way we all were at one time, i am sure at the start all of us asked what seemed to others to be dumb questions and we all possably posted things that were obviouse to the more experianced, so come on guys when a newbee joins the forum lets not knock him for his comments lets just point out that somethings are old knowlage and encourage him/her to try other things…



hmmmm, why dont use the archive function of UBB ?

Post all the usefull posts with clear answers on frequently asked question into the archive and post the url of it into the rules of the board

When ppl still post a question that is in there, just DEL the msg and put the link in it or so
(I know what hard work it is to maintain this )


Not bad at all hmmm not bad…

a lot of work for [b]the DUKE[/b]

but i like the idea