A thread on general advice (cd & dvd) (burn & read)

Hi all,

I haven’t been around here too long until now. So I could be wrong…

There a lot of threads about different writers, about how good or bad they are in reading / writing /scanning, mostly regarding DVD.
But, what I miss is one thread of advices that combines all functions (read/write/scan) and media-types (cd/dvd+r/dvd-r/single layer/dual layer)

A post would look like this:

CD read
model x
model y

CD scan
model x
model y

CD write
model x
model y

dvd+r read
model x
model y

etc. etc. etc.

Myself I am looking for new hardware. I want to burn and read cd’s and dvd’s (+ and - / sl and dl). All in one device would be perfect of course, but buying two devices that are complementarity is fine for me as well. I can imagine there are a lot more people with same question, and in the future, we may all have the same question once.
Until now I understood (from other threads…)

DVD read and scan, sl and dl
Lite On LH-20A1P

DVD write Single Layer and Double Layer
Pioneer DVR-112D

(note: I noticed these days it is hard to find advices on cd-burning…)

On one of my machines I have:

LiteOn LH-20A1H (I use this for reading/ripping and scanning)
Samsung SH-S182D (I use this for burning, it’s good for both CD and DVD, SL and DL)

along with a Pioneer 115D in an external enclosure (again I use this for burning).

I find all my needs are served well with these drives, although IMO you could substitute the Pioneer or Samsung drives with one LG, as LG also make quality burners.

Only thing missing is CD scanning. For that you would need a BenQ or Plextor DVD-RW drive, or a LiteOn CD-RW drive - I have a Litey CD-RW which I fit when I need it.

Just my personal opinions, of course. :slight_smile:

I have in my machine here a Pioneer 115D , Samsung 203B and a lite-on LH18A1H i use the pioneer for -R Burning the samsung for +R burning Cd-R burning and reading slightly damaged disks , the lite on is my general all round scanning,ripping, burning drive it gets the most abuse :slight_smile:

This list is what I have, LG to read, the Sony’s to burn. Duplicator was ordered to specs. and ASUS is the reader,with Pioneer being the burner. JMO since I have little problems with my set ups.