A thread for optical media geezers

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I was Bloody Aztec back then, same nick on CDRLabs, should any of you remember me, which I doubt. :wink:

Well, I always tought to myself that we needed some time with optical media to make valid statements. A lot of time has passed. I do not feel as much confident for DVD-Rs right now. In the beginning I only bought Princos, and some Gigastorage. Many of the Princos read extremely bad, and the Gigastorages are the worst POS DVD-R I have ever used. Since then I tried many brands, all that I liked (I selected good media).

Oh my, the time when we’d buy blindly media not sure of the manufacturer to help one another. That really brings up a lot of good memories. :slight_smile:

I am currently very ill. I’m fighting a brain tumor, it’s dissolved, but I am not cured as of yet, but my senses are so sensible, I have to refrain from exiting my house and I cannot withstand video nor audio coming from speakers at all). I tought that, seeing that old thread that is still used today, it would be fun to take from OC-Freak’s initial listing the media I had and to chime in how they really work out today. I encourage any other old-schoolers to do the same. :slight_smile:

But sorry, I won’t have much other things than personal experiences, I do not have a Lite-On drive available currently (so no Kprobe), and I would use something like CD-Speed, but the patterns on such things (like in say, Excel) makes my eyes hurt like mad. That, and reading them cds make extremely heavy noise, and with the hyperacusis and tinnituses I have, it would kill my ears. However, while waiting for a complete cure, it should be fun to reminisce of such things, I have really fond memories of “the old days”. :wink:

So here it is! Most of these were burned using Lite-On recorders with the latest firmwares, I remember I really followed the firmware updates and would always select the best writing quality, and stuff like that. Sorry, I do not remember all the serial numbers. I had chronologically:

Sony 2x CD-Writer (first CD-Writing device)
Creative 8x CD-Writer (Samsung rebadge, Creative did a lot, oh the memories, seems like forever :slight_smile:
LG 16x CD-Writer
Lite-On 40x CD-Writer
Lite-On 48x CD-Writer (I remember, I think I bought that one just because it had a CDRlabs editor’s choice logo on it and that made me proud)
Toshiba SD-R5002 DVD-Writer
Pioneer DVR-107 DVD Writer
Pioneer DVR-108 DVD-Writer

I use both these last ones currently. And I most definitely remember on how writing quality was “back in the days”. :wink:

Kodak, I had problems with, but very few, even less with Kodak Gold. I think two Kodak Gold went duds, I think it was the spot problem.

Mitsui, same like Kodak but I think I got overall best results. It’s a shame they do not exist anymore, boy what quality it was. It was virtually impossible to find 80 cd-rs anymore, I remember.

Ricoh manufactured CD media, the old ones, I never had problems, great media that still reads well today, but then again I used very few.

MPO well, I think some were manufactured in the city (in Quebec, Canada) I live in, but I used very few. If I recall correctly those were good, but then again, I used too few.

Fujifilm manufactured (as opposed to Taiyo Yuden rebadges or Prodisc rebadges), I do not discintively remember using them.

Taiyo Yuden of course is an admirable brand, do they need any more presentations? I had some go bad tough, but then again, they had a couple quality control problems here and there, and these are the manufacturer, other than Prodisc and Ritek, that I used the most. Burned them by the hundreds, best high-quality and bang for your buck combined.

Prodisc, my discs (except for very few) are all still in incredibly good shape today, still an incredible bang for your bucks IMHO. The manufacturer I use the most, and by far.

Acer Gold, I never used.

Ritek, well I had a lot of trouble getting them back in the days, in phtalocyanine form. I know many people bashed cyanine Ritek media (old medias, and very high speed rated medias), but personally they worked incredibly well for me, I did not used many again because it was hard to get ahold of them in Canada.

Moser Baer India, I used some, it was good. I remember when Imation switched from CMC Magnetics to Moser Baer, I never used it. Is Imation a recommended brand, and still using just Moser Baer now? :wink:

4M that are phtalocyanine-based, I never got any of them.

And now the bad

AMS, Fornet, Xcitek and XEO. never used any.

CMC Magnetics of course, I cursed everytime I blind-buyed a new brand and it was CMC instead of Prodisc or Ritek. Does this brands needs any more presentation? I knw their DVD media is more consistent, but still, can we still nickname them Cheaply Made Crap Magnetics? :wink:

Lead Data, what a POS brand. I was sent some game review samples, and it was on Sony-branded Lead Datas! And sometimes, it would never read at all, and I would get yelled at. :wink:

4M cyanine it was fun, my father would bring me up some from Asia to make me save money (seems like forever once again!), they are still readable today, but I have had incredible amounts of read errors with them

TDK, well, their old-cyanine media, at some point it was the holy-grail (especially for old PlayStation backups), but then it was the worst media ever. This was the first manufacturer I used. They all still work good and read well today. (runs for cover) :wink:

Ritek, I had only good experiences.
Mitsubishi, well, I think you were just awfully wrong at that time, OC-Freak. :wink:

And the ugly :wink:

I said the worst were canadian-made CD-Rs Dataware, still holds up well. Holy friggin’ crap, I burned tons of important info on these. They are ALL GONE, NOTHING IS READABLE ANYMORE. I have many friends who got some, all the same problems. Worst, media ever. A benchmark for CMC and Lead Data to stand the test of time! :wink:

There were some GST-manufactured media (maybe the acronym is not right), they all went dud. Real, pure crap.

As for the others well, Princo, they were not that bad for me but of course, many read errors today, but it’s not overly terrible. Gigastorage, many errors problems, some discs trouble free. The infamous old CMC cyanine based, and incredibly enough, BASF-branded (my second manufactured used) well, they all work good today. (touches on wood)

Verbatim Super AZO, great media, ver-low errors, some compatibility problems.And incredibly enough, the only media I can say has played virtually everywhere (save for AZO-allergic optical readers), and I never had to this day a single issue or error with, are the old Verbatim DataLitePlus Metal AZO 1-16x, MCC manufactured media. I remember I once saw tons of them, a dollar store at them on clearance, I bought EVERYTHING in sight. :slight_smile:

Jolly good, and then I tought I wasted too much time with optical media. Today, I pretty much have to live in theory because of my senses, but this is a hobby I can pretty much do as much as I did in the days. So in the end I can only say, thank you CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your comments and contributions!
I hope you get 100% well soon.