A Thank You, and Maybe a Smile

First, I want to express a general thank you to everyone who participates in these forums. (I’d give individual thanks, but I didn’t keep notes on all the people who’d posted information that I found helpful.) Google brought me here looking for information on bitsetting my Memorex DVD16+/-DL4RWlD2. Now, after wading through tons of information to make sure I was doing the right thing, and doing it right (not to mention a good deal of time spent in a futile search for DVD Decrypter), my Device Manager recognizes a LiteOn SOHW-1693S with codeguys firmware KS4B. And yes, I was finally able to use LiteOn’s bitsetting utility to change the book type to DVD-ROM. I say “finally” because I first had to discover – again, thanks to this site – that my nVidia IDE driver was having an issue with my LiteOn drive (or at least, the firmware), at which point I had to update with Micro$oft’s own IDE driver. From there on out, it was clear sailing.

As mentioned in my newbie/introduction post, this was done to increase the likelihood of compatibility with the Samsung DVD drive in my roommate’s Xbox. Once I finished the “upgrade” and bitsetting of my drive, I burned a test DVD with a few music videos, and both BookType and DVDInfo show it as a DVD-ROM. I’ve got the Phillips drive in the Xbox right now, and the test DVD worked fine with that, so I’ll be swapping the Samsung drive back in tomorrow, and I’ll try to remember to post my results.

Now, as far as the smile goes, I had to laugh every time I read a disclaimer here about voiding the manufacturer’s warranty and such. When I built this system, one of the first things I did was to stealth the optical drives. Now, as anyone can guess, the biggest downer about doing that is the lack of an activity LED for the drive(s). Well, as it turns out, I hadn’t liked the colors or location of the power and HDD activity LEDs on this case, so I’d moved/changed them, which left the original locations available. Even if stealthing the optical drives hadn’t already voided their warranties, they’d be void soon anyway, because the next step was to pull the optical drives’ PCBs out, desolder the LEDs (making note of the positive and negative points on the PCB), solder in wires with LEDs already soldered to the other end, and hot-glued the new LEDs (matching blue ones) into the original locations for the power and HDD LEDs. So, yeah, the thought of worrying about my warranty at this point was pretty funny.

FWIW, I’d love to include a picture or two of the stealth drives and relocated activity LEDs, but my webcam went to hell about a month or two back, and as I’ve been unemployed for over a month now, I haven’t been able to replace it. Maybe I’ll get my roommate to take a few pics with her digital camera one of these days…

EDIT: Forgot to mention this, but I have had no problems since owning this drive (aside from bitsetting, which contributors to these forums taught me how to do), and I love it. I’ve often wondered if a Plextor might make a nice upgrade, but then I’ve realized “Why change what you don’t have a problem with?”

First, in re-reading my post, I noticed a typo: The firmware is KC4B, not KS4B. Of course, I’m sure anyone who read the post already caught that.

Anyway, swapped the Samsung drive back into the Xbox, and the test DVD worked beautifully. So I took one of the other DVDs I’d built, that didn’t work with the Samsung drive, re-burned it with the new settings, and the new DVD also works beautifully.

Thank you again to all of the contributors here!

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