A test with 2 different types of DDR2 Ram in the same PC

This is what I do when I get bored.:stuck_out_tongue:

I have 2 GB of Muskin XP2 8500 Ram (1066 Mhz) installed in my first PC and bought 2 GB of Crucial Ballistix 6400 (800 Mhz) for my second build. Seeing that they both use the Micron D9 (GMH) chip I thought I would try and see if they would work in Dual channel together. Guess what they do.:slight_smile: Took them right up to 1000 Mhz together with no problem. All done at 2.2v. They would not boot together at 1066 though. The Crucial will boot by itself to 1100+ Mhz @2.2v and the Mushkin by itself will go 1200+ Mhz@ 2.3v. Still 1000 Mhz mixed is pretty good IMO. Just had to loosen the timings to the Crucial timings. You should always buy the same brand and same cas but I thought I would test it out and see.:cool:

Nice, I have seen a few people with P35 based boards running different chips and it working pretty well.

If I had Vista installed I would try it, maybe I still will with XP when I get a chance.

Hehe I actually hadnโ€™t tried Vista but when I did it said I had three days to activate Vista and when I tried on line it said this product has already been activated.:eek: When I started Vista I was ocโ€™d to 3600 and another 2GB of ram was installed. The last time I booted to Vista I was at stock speed and had 2GB of ram so I guess too many changes. Set the PC back to stock and removed 2GB of ram, rebooted and it said โ€œthis product is activated.โ€ Good thing because who ever picked up the phone at MS was going to get an earful.:a This was just a test to see if they would work as a pair but when I removed the two GB of Crucial the Mushkin had no problem going to 1200Mhz so if I want the bandwidth I will have to buy another 2Gb of Mushkin XP2 8500.:wink: