A test to check if certain files cannot be burnt



I wonder, is it possible that a file (with weak sectors) cannot be burnt with the mastering process such as in Nero.

I've been doing some tests with a file called max.iso (a file which contains weak sectors) and found out the following:

Test 1.
Used Nero's mastering option to make a standard CDROM mode1 layout and included max.iso as a file.

The CD burnt with Plextor writer 8432 IDE made a corrupt and unreadable CD. Made the drive hang when reading the CD in Explorer, until I ejected it. (tried 3 times on different media - all same results)

The CD burnt with LiteOn 24102B made a normal working CD.

Test 2.
Because max.iso is in 2048 bytes/sector format, I had to
pad the max.iso file with zeroes to make it multipe of 2352 using WinHex hex editor. Then made a .CUE sheet file for making an Audio CD with max.iso as the binary data. Then burnt it with CDRWIN.

This time the CD is readable and I used CDRWIN sector viewer to view the sectors. The next thing I did was to extract the CD as an image file and then use WinHex to compare the file with the orginal padded max.iso file, guess what? There were differences.
By the way I only tested this with Plextor 8432.

Weak sectors affect the 2048 data area and therefore it is possible that a file cannot be burnt with a mastering program.

Man!! I would consider this to be a bug in our CD writers - is there a lawsuit comming? Are we allowed fixed replacement drives?

I wonder if Nero and other mastering programs would include a CloneCD AWS function.

Maybe I should do more tests - making a CCD image with the max.iso sectors and burn it with CloneCD's AWS.