A "Test" of LG GSA-4160B and 4120B - for a good laugh



Hi all,

dont know how but I just found this so-called “test” of the mentioned LG drives vs. Sony DW-D22A. Dont read it to find out anything important besides some audio extraction tests maybe and flame me afterwards.

I offer this link only for amusement or the new game show “Find the most seriuous flaws in this test report”. I also only link to the conclusion page, as that one and the page with the CD-RW and DVD+RW writings tests are the most funny :bigsmile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Link: How-NOT-to do a DVD writer test
(goes to conclusion, be sure to read the writing tests on the page before lol

people like that should not be allowed to make tests other people might accidently read…


I can see your point, and I hope this thread doesn’t leads to any flaming against X-bit labs.

people like that should not be allowed to make tests other people might accidently read…

I believe that is not our problem, and I am not going to judge somebody/someone in public though!


If you look at the CD-Speed screen shots, both of the LG drives in the test had near base-level firmware versions as well…including the 4082B which is nearly a year old and has 7 revisions beyond the tested one.

A pretty sad level of technical competence…I guess you had better take reviews from that site with a serious grain of salt. As for public judgments of something like this, anyone who plans to publish articles had better do their homework as there is an expectation of public scrutiny if you purport to be an expert. In this case, we have a ridiculous testing environment from which noone should draw any valid conclusions. It might be considered valid as a comparative review of shipping firmware revisions, but there is so little data collected the conclusions are meaningless anyway.


I personally like XBitlabs, but surely CDFreaks is the primary source for CD and DVD things. :slight_smile:


Well it may be that single reviewer … on the other hand, I think every hw testing site should have some guidelines to follow for hardware tests to make them comparable at all…


Their DAE test ist nothing more than a joke … falsely calculated offsets (they actually took a Nero CD quality test disc created with another drive and did not even mention that the LG drives feature a unique 0 write offset) and drive features with the lack of thorough testing should not be trusted.