A Tale of Two Scanners

I got my third PX-712A in (chasing CVS!!) and promptly started testing, but was fairly disappointed in the results again. I decided to do some comparative testing with Kprobe and my 812S. Attached are scans from Plextools and Kprobe of two discs, first one Verbatim MCC02RG20 burned at 8x on the Lite-On, the second a Fuji YUDEN000T02 burned at 12x on the Plextor. There are times when Kprobe and Q-check resemble each other and then there are times like this :rolleyes: Looks like the drives don’t like the discs they burned themselves but really like the discs burned on the other. I just can’t reconcile it…

My 712a can’t produce T02 below 20PIE all the way @12x, more like your last scan with Plextools. Do you have MCC004 TwoDegrees? Mine can get constant below 10PIE with MCC004 @12x.

I had bought a spindle of MCC004 and burned one disc, and quite well I might add (I posted the scan in a thread around here somewhere) but for some reason I took the spindle back to Best Buy and got something else that turned out to be crappy (Ricoh R02 I think). Don’t ask. Zevia, do you have any 8x -R burns to show? Everyone seems to display +R burns, but I’m trying to see if anyone is getting these sub 20PIE all the way -R burns I’ve seen on reviews of the PX-712A online. My drive seems to butcher -R, sometimes burning visible dark rings in the dye!

Two Degrees, it’s a long shot, but have you tried checking whether your burner is perfectly level? I simple torpedo level should do, along with a few pieces of paper (if you can fit the level on the top of the drive while it’s mounted). My theory is that vibration will set up due to the gyroscopic nature of high spin-rate burns, although I have some trouble explaining the poor burns at the inner area of the disk. Worth a try, anyway, if you’re game.