A Suspicious Script

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My PC is attacked by a Suspicious Script called “NTDETECT.exe” which is harming my PC’s parformences. It’s symtom is when i double click on my disk drives to open then cz of this script drives dont open. Instead my virus guard notify me about this script. It also denies me to unplug any removable drive. Can anybody tell me how I could get rid of this without formatting my HDD.
I would be grateful.

Run Spybot S & D

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open your registry editor and delete “ntdetect.exe” from any lines you find.

Do not confuse this file with [B]ntdetect.com[/B] which is a legitimate parts of windows.
You will likely need to kill ntdetect.exe from your task manager. If it starts again, then you have a dropper issue, which is worse than the one file.