A suitable drive was not detected

“cwebjones” here as a Newbie. I have been working with computers for about 30 years now and enjoy getting on the web for just about everything from the lottery to sports and business. I also burn disk for record keeping, songs and photos. I use Sonic “Record Now”, version 7.10, with my windows XP2 Toshiba. I have a problem with my software finding a suitable drive. The windows message reads as below:

“A suitable drive was not detected. Please cancel and save this project, attach a suitable drive, attach a drive, then click for drives above.”

Even though I have worked with computers for many years, I have no idea how to go about attaching a suitable drive. I believe that a hardware setting may be causing this problem. Recently I have had problems with my laptop and the “D” drive simply isn’t getting read by Record Now software. Any help would be appreciated.


Did the software come with the OS/computer? Or is it an OEM version?