A suggestion

is it possible to put the search option on the front page. Its one of the reasons i never used it cause it simply was’nt visible enough.

my deepest apoligies for this stupid post. i have just seen the search option. Now if only it was more visible…:bigsmile:

The visibility depends on the resolution of your screen.

The search is present on both the mainpage for newspostings and articles posted there, as well as it is on every page of this forum (and in my signature which can be found almost 6,000 times on this forum now :wink:

To my opinion it is only common sense to assume there is a search function on any site these days, especially when there is a large archive, in most cases database driven like CD Freaks. When you can’t find it at first sight, it pays to look a bit further than that first sight.

Despite what I said above, the suggestion remains valid when it comes to making it more visible on the mainpage. The suggestion is therefore duly noted and perhaps in the future development of the site it will be implemented.