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Well its been quiet a while and finally i managed to purchase a External Enclosure for my LG-4166b, with the old enlcosure giving me burst rates of around 7mb/s my new results produce 15mb/s. Although it still says it running in Dma mulit - word 2( I dont know how to change this even though my hard drive is running is Ultra Dma mode 5) I really would like to get this running on the same mode, even through reinstalling the ide drives i still get multi write mode IF ANYONE CAN HELP PLEASE DO SO =]. Anyway here are some results i produced on a original TDK dvd disc 16x, ive added a picture of a full test. Also what would you say would pull better perfromance usb or firewire ive heard firewire tends to do good.

This was asked a little while back from someone having similar problems. from what I gather, the dma mode that it runs in is determined by the controler of the enclosure and you cannot change it. Many older enclosures that were designed when drives were slower cannot do full 16x burning. I have seen transfer rate tests very similar to that when my internals were not in dma mode. It looks like your good for 8x burning but not faster with that enclosure. Most 16x internals run 22-24MBps minimum for the burst rate and I think that is what you need for 16x burning.

Bugger, ive heard that there are ways of somehow altering it but anyhow

Perhaps there is some sort of a firmware/bios type update for the enclosure that might help?

Hrm well i got recommeneded this enclosure and heard that it is quite good and enables UDMA mode in the specifications i have found. I just dont know why my windows xp doesnt set it like that. is there someway to bypass it and force it

Not that I am aware of. What kind of enclosure is it and do you know what chipset it uses?

It is a Zynet with a prolific PL-3507

From what I gather, that chipset has upgradable firmware. Unfortunatlly I don’t know anything about flashing firmware in enclosures. Here is some info though.



Another thing that I saw mentioned a few times is that it does beter hooked up firewire rather than usb. How do you have it hooked up?

i got usb, im doing a defreag at the moment because it has been a very LONG LONG TIME. I will try to get it with firewire but my main concern is why my computer does not put it in dma mode this link http://www.komplett.co.uk/k/ki.asp?sku=122588 says that it supports those modes. but im confused

Nope still crappy dma mode

Is it already in DMa mode - but the USB chipset seems to be crap.

yer i thiink the usb is crap? would firewire be much better? Its currently running multi word 2 dma mode

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My issue is that I have been copying dvds for over a year using dvd decrypter and then clonedvd2. It does not work with the newer movies such as “stealth”, “the fog” and other Sony produced titles. I only have one dvd burner and heard I can use any dvd to work with clonedvd2 to make copies. do I need 2 burners or can i rip to hard drive using anydvd and clone dvd? Please help

No, you do not need two burners to use Any DVD with Clone DVD.

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Looks like im going to have to go out and get firewire cable and give that a go. Cant do much about the dma

Hello… :big grin: well, my external dvd writer max’s out at 12x. I also get a burst rate of 7mb/s with data cd, and 15mb/s with a dvd+r. Writing with firewire on my drive doesnt do f all for me, max’s out before 12x.

Ive heard these devices work alod better with firwire especially my model
but ill have to see. Im still looking for update drivers for my Ali ide controller. No luck yet

Think of them as 12x DVD burners then. :disagree: