A stupid newbie question on DVD + RW

I was just wondering how many times one can keep recording on a DVD+RW disk? Thanks.

until it dies

As many as you want but some article claim up to 100 times.

I managed to get about 110 burns out of one disk before errors, etc, made it impossible to use.

Frequent full erasing/formatting with CD-DVD Speed, DiskInfo Pro or ImgBurn can extend the life.

Having said that I’ve had some become unusable after 20 burns.

By specification, properly handled and stored DVD+RW discs must allow for 1000 cycles. Obviously, real world experience appears to be different.

Sticking to reputable name media is always a good idea as is investigating product warranties.

I’ve had many verbatim & generic DVD+RW disks go bad with less than 30 burn & erase operations.

Thank you all for your info. I didn’t know a thing about rewritables and I thought you can only record over them like maybe 5 times!! lol. WOW, glad I asked.

But don’t trust them too much if you intend to keep the burnt info/images/videos for long periods, even if you had no probs with the disc before.

That’s sound advice. :iagree: