A Stranger problem with my Sony DRU-710A

DRU710A with BYX3 firmware can use Nero to set booktype in “chooese a recorder” option,and before last week , I do change booktype this way.

last week , I CF my DRU710A BYX3 to Liteon CS0M ledfix with sonyid firmware, in “chooese a recorder”,I can’t change booktype.so I had to use Booktype 1.35 to change DVD+R to DVD-ROM,and … My HL-DT-ST DVDROM GDR8163B can’t recognise this burned disk. and disk booktyped by Nero before last week can be recognise by this drive successfully.

what is the different between “Nero” and “Booktype1.35” about the booktype setting? :confused: