A strange thing

I had to push “reset” button on this PC. :frowning:

I use both Firefox and Internet Explorer. I installed Yahoo messenger this morning and it cleared the cookie for Firefox without asking me first so I had to type in “Kenshin” and the password manually again. Such behavior was why I avoided using DIP and Yahoo but it still happens. Same for the latest Real player. :sad:

I am using only Explorer.As I use the same computer for editing and for anything else, Itry to keep it as “clear” as I can. Whatever anyone says I have never run into problems editing my films at the same machine I am surfing or playing a game.
But I always run window washer everytime I am leaving net and registry cleaner very often, as defrag constantly.

I have an LG PCS mobile phone and use it for LG Telecom mobile service (phone, that is.) LG has made a contract with some music industry inside South Korea. I downloaded some of the files from the LG-sponsored (not sure of the relationship) website. Mostly 320Kbps MP3 files but with DRM or something similar included which makes it impossible to play the files on any other thing but the downloaded PC and the LG Telecom phone I use. The problem is, the CPU usage becomes so high, like over 50% sometimes, that it affects optical burning very seriously, enough to cause 10 seconds more time. :sad:

It’s always better to have more than one computer especially for those who burn CD and DVD disks. :slight_smile: (Have you all seen the pictures from eleewhm?)

Many people here, have over four DVD writers.
Is that a hobby or what?