A strange thing

I do not know if it was a drive (or a media, or a software) problem. What I know is that I have seen no test sequence leading to (software-fault) data corruption of InCD after several months of web release and testing by the various device manufacturers working with Nero. I do have seen data corruption due to defective media, fw bug, and also device vs motherboard incompatibility.

Hm. You posted a few days ago TDK +RW media worked well for writing then. What happened? What types of DVD+RW media do you have for tests? What about DVD-RW? What about DVD+RW media of other types?

Formatting a DVD+RW or DVD-RW or DVD-RAM can’t hurt the disk a lot either physically or logically. I use quick-format usually though full-format is better for both CD and DVD media and HDD to save a lot of time.

Was the Imation DVD+R 16x a Ricoh or a Philips or a Mitsubishi? I’d like to recommend using those expensive 16x DVD+R media for full 4.7GB writing since you can nearly always achieve nearly the same result by using a Taiyo Yuden 8x media or RICOHJPNR02 media or MCC003 for storing 3GB data. 16x speed happens only after about 3.5GB mark. For 3GB writing, the average writing speed is nearly the same in either 8x or 12x or 16x.

The imitation was as CD/DVD speed reported from Philips.
I test the surface and files test with CD/DVD speed and was fine.
Very good and very fast.The real quantity was 3.2 GB.
As for the big problem:
The TDK+RW working fine untill suddenly no drive of mine could read it.
I have installed the easy INCD writer reader as inside ISO buster the empty disk(after format) reported that my system wasn’t UDF able to read.
Isn’t supposed the INCD making the system UDF able to read?
The strange thing is that when for example formating the +RW and I am writing a movie after ripped with Decrypter and used DVD shrink it is ok!
But when I am trying to use the INCD function meaning adding more media to allready written then some kind of problem starts.That’s why I am suspecting
inCD has problem.Somethign else maybe help you that know more is that when I format and install my programs I change the drive letters of my drives because I like my recorder to have a letter after the reader :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe I have build a very good system as I am editing on this machine without a problem, using Liquid Edition 6.
I am copying this from LE forum where I am a member for 3-4 years from the days of DV500 with Premiere.

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Cam: VX-2000 / PC-115.

PC: P4 3.00(FSB800) / Abit IC-7G / Asus V9999TD(6800 128MB)66.93 / 1 GB Dual DDR 400 / Maxtor 60GB / WD 80GB / WD 200 on Serillel 2 / LG 4163B / XP Pro+SP2 / Liquid 6 (build 3026).

Audio: Realtek AC97 (on board 6 channel) / Senheiser ME66-K6 / Beachtek Adapter / Remix with 1000… of loops.

Midi: Evolution Ekeys37 USB

How do you exactly write your video? Through a video authoring software, or copying the file with windows explorer?

I’m wondering if you’re not writing a read-only UDF session with a video authoring or mastering software. (InCD does packet-writing, not multi-session, hence does not write to a media with read-only session(s).)


For trouble-shooting, please do the things that work first and then move onto the more complicated tasks to sort out the problems and weaknesses. Sorry, but I can’t understand your posts well.

Thank you both.
It’s not that I don’t talk English so good.
Is that I am in hurry everytime I am writing and I am not able to re-read the whole posts.Thank you again for trying to help.
It is that simple:

When I am using a +RW disk for writing a movie to see it on my desktop Sony DVD, things are all right!!!
When I am using the same disk (after formating it of course) for packet writing, after some time the disk is unreadable!!!

I don’t think this is so difficult to understand. :wink:

That’s a lot easier to understand. :wink:

Don’t use packet writing for DVD+RW or DVD-RW media is my answer. :slight_smile: Try DVD-RAM.

Kenshin are you having similar problems or you are not using INCD or and
+RW for archiving?
And yes I listen to you and I am backing up on DVD-RAM also.
But you have a similar drive to mine. That’s why I am aasking again.
Thanks. :o

A new thing that came into my attention is that all files on my DVD+RW are marked as read only!!!Any thoughts?

Once files are written to a DVD+RW disc they are read only, you can no longer edit them! The DVD+RW disc can be erased and written again but once written the files are again read only. If you want to use your discs like a Floppy disc then use DVD-RAM discs which work the same way as a hard drive or floppy disc and files can be edited after being written to the disc.

I don’t agree with that.
I was keeping files upgrades with +RW on my previous Sony 500AX
without any problems.I could edit them and over write them.
I suspect that the RAM option of the drive has something to do with that
but I cannot prove it. It is very strange.
Maybe is a problematic firmware(I upgraded to 101) but I can’t believe that the drive has a problem because writes everything very good. :confused:

No, I just don’t try packet writing on a RW disk whether it’s DVD+RW, DVD-RW, or CD-RW. DVD-RAM is better for frequent accesses for both writing and reading than those though a lot more expensive. Packet writing on a RW media always creates problems, too many problems to sort out.

I’ll do so :cool:

I updated to the new INCD and after reformating I haven’t changed the CD/DVD drive letters as I used to do and the problem is not here for the time being.Thanks to all :bow:

I haven’t yet updated my Nero Burning Rom and InCD. Both NBR and InCD are also on my firmware page. Ahead servers are very slow when new updates are announced. I’m still downloading NVE30118.exe at 1KB/s. :sad:

I did change the drives letter again.
As Ahead told me by e-mail, updating to new Nero will fix my problem.
Thus meaning that the problem maybe was on their software.

Dear valued customer,

thank you for your email and your interest in our software.

Please update your Nero version, as this could solve your problem. You can download the latest Nero 6 update from :

I tried to install DVDinfopro 3.49 and this PC has stopped responding on Explorer. :sad:

I install it but I throw it away.
For me this tool has nothing serious to offer.
When I write a DVD that has some serious stuff on it I check it
with CD/DVD Speed for files and surface quality, and that’s all.