A strange thing

While I am using +RW from Philips for archiving/update the new drivers etc.
it is the second time my new LG 4163B does this strange thing.
I am throwing a new driver and after that the disk is not writing anymore
and it does give me the known message"this cd is only for reading and can’t be write…".
The strange thing is that when I am pulling out the disc and then back in 4163B or my other drive 8163 the disk is recognized as DVD-ROM.
From what Kenshin told me the LG’s can’t set DVD-ROM bittseting to +RW.
Then I have to copy all the files!!! to a new folder, to fromat the disk and reimport them.As you can understand this is quite a difficult way to work.
Also, when I am trying to copy the disk to a new +RW with Nero express the disk sets on DVD-ROM.Only if I drag and drop I can use it like a +RW and this till the drive decides to write it again like a DVD-ROM.
Any thoughts will be apreciated. :iagree:

Hmm, it is kind of difficult to understand your question or problem.
What do you mean by throwing a new driver? Ahhh, … Russian English? … Nevermind,

What I think is using ±RW media for drag and drop with InCD is a no go, because InCD
randomly locks the media to prevent writing.

I would suggest using DVD-RAM for drag and drop. It is much more reliable for that.

Thank you for answering steve.
I meant to throw in anything like a file, anew driver release.
I have now reformat and I will see how it’s going.
And I am using a lot +RW without any problem.

Nop!No joy!Only if enable WinXP recording on this drive.
Strange indeed!I have sent an email to ahead and to a LG.
InCD reports this kind of errors:

0768 05:01:03 19:59:15:16 e=0. Filesystem reports internal version 3.0
07dc 05:01:03 20:07:09:07 e=0. Media is a DVD+RW.
07dc 05:01:03 20:07:09:07 e=2001. SCSI error: (Op 5Ah (ModeSense10) => os=0h
host=0h tgt=0h sns=05/24/00h Invalid field in CDB Info=0h=0. @ ID=0_0_0_0 ‘H
L-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4163B’ CDB bytes:[5Ah][00h][03h][00h][00h][00h][00h][01h]

Use DVD-RAM 5x media for small files that need frequent updates and accesses and use DVD+RW 8x media for DVD-Video that need weekly or monthly editing. :slight_smile:

Thanks Kenshin as always but you are in hurry.
I don’t live in Japan.I live in Greece. 8Xfor +rw?
Yes this is one reason I bought this drive, anyway.
Do you know the spped of RAM 5x or 3X compared to 4x rw
that I am using now?
And i am thinking going back to my Instant/CD/DVD 8 from Pinnacle.
I am using Liquid Edition as well and it is my favorite editor.
Thanks again, George :bigsmile:

Not really in hurry. I KNOW there are no 8x DVD+RW media available on open market, not in South Korea, and not even in Tokyo and Singapore and Hong Kong. The few 8x DVD+RW and 6x DVD-RW media seen on this forum were the very sample disks delivered directly from Mitsubishi, JVC, and other leading developers. I haven’t seen any 8x DVD+RW media myself.

Because of verification process, 5x DVD-RAm works like 2.5x and 3x DVD-RAM like 1.5x. 4x DVD+RW is faster than 5x DVD-RAM. Reading is also faster with DVD+RW media. 5x DVD-RAM can be read as fast as 5x only while many DVD+RW media can be read at 6x and over. However, for random read and write, DVD-RAM works a lot faster.

Still +RW doesn’t write well.
I don’t think the drive is faulty.
I bought a new TDK DVD+rw 4X to test and a TDK DVD-RW 2x.
I also found a 3x removable cartridge Maxell DVD-RAM for 15 Euros!
This is double sided.Couldn’t find 5x yet but I will search.
I will test all of these and let you know.
And a Ridata +DL 2.4x for 7.70 Euros.

TDK +RW now writes well. :eek: :wink:
Maybe the old media has been tired.
And as you know not all things can be explained on Windows.
Ridata dl+ wrote in about 38 minutes.
Everything is working great on this drive.
I think I wll buy the next one they will release :stuck_out_tongue:
The buffer underun works great.

Avoid Ridata DVD+R DL for now. Ritek really needs to improve the quality of their recent media products. At this time, CMC is doing better than Ritek.

I am listening to you.
I bought a traxdata 2.4x for 8 euros.
What about this?

Isn’t Traxdata 2.4x DVD+R DL made by Ritek? 8 Euro sounds awfully expensive. Try to find dealers that sell Mitsubishi 2.4x DVD+R DL for something like 2 to 3 Euro. If you can’t find one, wait. Or you may have to continue with Ritek for that price or Mitsubishi MKM001 for more. I think DVD+R DL price at this time is highly distorted.

Didn’t knew that.
2-3 Euros?If I’ll find such prices I will use only DL+ :eek:

Traxdata 2.4x DVD+R DL seems to work reasonably well at 2.4x speed in GSA-4163B. It’s RITEKD01.

After some time 4163 stop reading my +RW from TDK with all the programs I had inside! The same disc can’t be read from my 8163!
Other type it’s ok but +RW no!
I am waiting from an answer from Ahead because LG didn’t bother.

As fasr as I am concerned +RW isn’t good on this drive :sad:
Other mdeia writes and reads are near perfect.
I am going to keep on trying to solve this but is’s the second time
this happens and it is really strange.
Maybe the DVD-RAM option interference with the +RW?
Who knows. The DVD with all the programs I had is reporting as not being formated!!! I will try to save data.
Any program for that?

I used CDRoller and manage to retrieve my data.
It seems that the problem is on INCD but who can be sure?
Use this tool if you go to troubles.

This message is harmless. It’s a probe for MRW feature presence, and the device is just telling it does not understand the MRW page code (03h). As the page code is not understood by the device, the software knows the device is not MRW-capable.

You can check your discs with Philips’ free UDF verifier and start to get an idea what went wrong. But didn’t CDRoller told you what was wrong on the disc? Open volume integrity?

Thank you!
Too many answers at once!
I reformated the DVD.
Do you think that was my drive’s problem?
I haven’t had this with my previous Sony 500AX and it happened more than once, so I am worried.I am waiting for an answer from Nero.
And a good one:
I burned an Imitation DVD+R 16X that I bought for 1.87 Euros
at less than 5 minutes.The data was 3Gb.For me this is a new thing and I ws impressed. :stuck_out_tongue: