A strange suspense when writing 702MB data using LTR-48125W

While I was burning 702MB data disc using Ricoh 32x-certified Type 80 CD-R disc (made by Ritek using dye supplied by Ricoh) @ 48X with the overclocked burner, I found something very strange:

  1. The writer started the writing only after the burning process was started for over 11 seconds. It seems that the writer has to examine the disc to determine the best writing strategy.

I was using Nero Burning ROM

  1. The signal LED turned yellow twice during the burning process, once @ around 90% and once just before writing the lead out. From my past experience yellow colour signifies the change of writing speed. When I looked at the disc, I found a different shading at the outermost rim of the disc, thus confirming that the writing speed was changed at the last stage of the burning process.

  2. The whole process took about 2:57 min to complete. Is it the normal time for burning a full Type 80 disc @ 48X?

I’ve been averaging 2:30 for a full 700MB data cd @ 48x. I am also using media that media checker detects as 48x capable. BTW, i am using Philips 40x certified media from HERE.

From the review by CDRLabs here,

[http://www.cdrlabs.com/reviews/index.php?reviewid=131&page=Performance](Review of LiteOn LTR-48125W)

I found that burning a 702MB data CD @ 48X in around 3:00 min is indeed normal. Your record of 2:30 min is really impressive.

Yes if it have writing problems it drops the speed down. Happens many times for me with ritek discs, but not with CMC or TDK…

2:44 is my best time for a 79m 52s long disc using Nero.

Using CloneCD gives a lower reported time so then 2:30 may be true.