A strange problem while burning a VCD

Dear all,

I face a strange problem everytime I burn a VCD. I have a Pentium IV 2.4 Processor with INtel D865GBF motherboard, 256 MB RAM,80 gig hard drive & an ASUS CRW-4012A CD writer(40x 12x 48x) with the latest firmware upgraded. I am using Nero Enterprise Edition.

Now my problem is, whenever I burn a mpg file as a VCD, the VCD which gets created is missing some minutes of the movie at the end of the CD. What I mean to say is, if the length of the source mpg file is 52:26, after burning it as a VCD, the length of the AVSEQ01.DAT file from the MPEGAV folder is 41:58 only ! So, I wonder why the last 11:08 minutes movie gets cut ?

This happens normally whenever I encode a SVCD to VCD compatible mpg or I simply convert a DAT from a VCD to mpg & burn it back as a VCD…

Any help is greatly appreciated ! TIA…

IndianHacker :slight_smile:

You could try upgrading to the latest version of Nero 5.5 and see if that makes a difference.

Thanks m8,

I have now upgraded it to version & now I will give it a try…

IndianHacker :slight_smile: is the latest version of Nero 5.5 - you can get it from ftp://ftp4.nero.com/Nero551056.exe


Thanks David,

I’m downloading the same right away… I’ll let U know if there is any luck…

IndianHacker :slight_smile: