A strange issue

Hi to technical staff :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it’s only me or if there is a problem with forum.

In last two days I noted a strange behaviour of forum: it open hundreds of connections: see the pic as example (taken with TCPView by sysinternals).

There are hundreds of these connections each time I click on a link on the forum to open a thread, and all these connections require minutes to close. And surfing in the forum is rather slow because of this issue.

If can be useful, I’m using Internet Explorer 6.

Is it a normal behaviour or not?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Edit: I just discovered that I can’t post attachments. Most of the hundred connections show the following:

TCP 80-69-95-148.colo.transip.net:http

The thing with the connections happens here too. Do you have the same problem when you use Firefox? If I use Firefox connections are closed after a short delay, no problem there.

No, I don’t have firefox.

All opened connections require about a minute to be closed also after a page is completely loaded :frowning:

Firefox for president. Free and streets ahead, I’ve found. I’ve inadvertently logged on with I.E and had the laugh you mention.


I havn’t had any problems.

I noticed the same thing, but the connections don’t take minutes to close for me, rather seconds…so it doesn’t slow down my surfing of CDF.

And no spy/adware on my PC :wink:

No spyware/adaware in my system.

right now there are 136 connections open :eek:

I’ve send a support mail to the guys that have built our cluster, I’ll report back if I know more!


Thanks Domi :slight_smile:

I’m getting them also.

About the attachments when I hit post reply in this topic the manage attachments button is not available . If I go to another topic it is.

Maybe no attachments allowed in this topic?

Thanks Domi :flower:

And I can see the Manage Attachments button :confused:

because you are a mod :bigsmile:

Is that why I can see it? I haven’t tried using it, BTW LOL :bigsmile: - no need to.

Yes :iagree:

It is most likely caused by a glitch in the load balancer which was also tweaked at the time you posted. If the problem persists then please report back!

Hi Domi :slight_smile:

Too bad the problem persists. Yesterday there were about 300 opened connections and I was forced to close them manually because also my CPU was 100% :eek:

I posted a pic as example here

Update: the problem still persists. The only way to surf in the forum is to manually close these connections, or I can’t load any page at all.

The too many connections opened cause also the crash of norton statistics tool (the tool enbedded in my firewall where I see how many connections are open), and one time also Sysinternals TCPView gave some instability signs :frowning:

Did you already try, turning of your Norton Firewall software? I already heard many reports about Norton actually causing more trouble than helping.

I didn’t do this test, but I’m a little concerned about turning off my firewall while I’m online.

This problem arose only recently (about a week); before I hadn’t at all any problem with norton firewall surfing on the forum.

Hi to the staff :slight_smile:

I’m posting this to give an update.

I still have the problem described in the first post of this thread.

Until now the main culprit suspected was norton internet security (NIS), but today I did some tests, and I discovered that NIS apparently is not involved in any way with this problem. Here are tests I did.

  1. Hypothesis: I blocked some contents selecting this block as a permanent setting and being not able to remove this setting because I don’t know what is exactly this contents, I thought that uninstalling the firewall and reinstalling it, all will be again as default, with no blocked stuff added by me.

Results: the problem is still here. Every time I load a page from CDFreaks there are hundreds of connections opened and never closed. Only with firefox I can surf in the forum and in the main page.

  1. Hypothesis: Also with all default settings and a fresh installation, maybe NIS still create problems. To verify this, I did a test shutting down the firewall and surfing without firewall at all.

Results: the problem is still here, because every time I go in CDFreaks again hundreds of connections are opened and never closed.

The only site that cause me this problem is CDFreaks, and again firefox is the only browser that have no problems at all.

  1. This problem arose about in the same time in which I opened this thread, and before I used IE and the same version of NIS that I have installed right now, but I hadn’t any problem at all in surfing in the CDFreaks with IE.

I posted a couple of pics here

I use TCPWiew to see how many connections are open and the second pic is a screenshot of Event viewer that shows how these hundred of open connections make my computer hang.

Sidenote: Firefox solve the problem of hundreds of open connections, but it don’t allow me to use the CMS to post news. So I must use IE to post news, and I’m forced to do it in three or four passages. The first passage is to post title and the first period, and then I am forced to do a logout, close IE, and close manually the connections with TCPView, then do again login, post another couple of periods, and again do a logout and close manually all opened connections. If I don’t do a logout closing manually all open connections don’t solve the problem, and I can’t load the CMS page.

Now I have no idea of what can be the problem :frowning: