A sort of weird question

OK, so I have a PC Engine CD game, and I’m trying to put an emulator on the disc too so I can just run it on any PC.

The way the disc is structured is:
1 audio track (telling you that you can’t listen to the disc on your CD player)
1 data track (unreadable by Windows)
A bunch of audio tracks (music for the game)
And another data track (repeated data for quicker load times)

First I tried the logical thing and got rid of that first audio track and replaced it with my files, but the emulator refused to boot the disc (I’m guessing it was trying to read my files as the PC Engine game)

I tried a bunch of other things too but the only way the emulator would load the game is if I put my files onto a new track at the end of the disc.

Now, that’s fine, except Windows will only see the first audio track. Is there any way I can burn the disc in a way that the data files are still on the last track, but Windows will be able to read them?

I finally got it, I’m so proud of myself :stuck_out_tongue: I thought I had to make it multisession but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how, but I finally found a (rather convulted) method

So here’s what I did:

edit: ignore, new method below

  1. Use WinISO to convert the BIN+CUE file into separate WAV and ISO files (I saw some other ISO files on the internet that were a different size, so I used those rather than the ones I ripped myself just to be safe)
  2. Create an ISO of all my files and add it on to the end of the CUE file as the last track
  3. Burn the CUE file with Alcohol 120%, DAO, don’t close last session
  4. Using HT Fireman, don’t burn an ISO, rather make a data disc using HT Fireman, I chose “Yes” to the first strangely-worded prompt, then I added my files, and burned (choosing to finalize the disc)

I’m not sure if I need to do option #2, I’m going to try it without this time, but the reason I did that was when I was trying to burn the second session in Nero, it couldn’t continue from the unreadable data tracks. (it gave me an error when I tried to continue with my files in Nero which led me to use HT Fireman)

EDIT: OK, after trying a second time, here is a simpler way to do it:

  1. Burn the BIN+CUE file of the game with Alcohol 120%, DAO, don’t close last session
  2. Using HT Fireman, choose “Data Burn”, answer “Yes” to the prompt about existing session information, add your files, then on the next screen choose to finalize the disc, then burn