A small question about hard drive

I want to replace my internal harddrive, I wanted to know when I buy it, do i need anything esle? Like some driver installation cd, window vista etc?

The reason I am asking this because, I am kind of confused about where the drivers, window etc are store. ’

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TheDrivers,Operating system are stored on the Harddrive.

If you intend to do a fresh install you will need your original operating disc.
If that is Windows it can reformat and setup your drive.

If you are going to just transfer everything you have to a larger disc the disc mfg. will have some software to do that with.

I have the operating system disc and it is windows. I dont have to worry about the transfering because I have an external hard drive :slight_smile:
Thank for replying to my post peace out.

If you do the fresh install you will also need the MotherBoard Drivers