A small question about benq 1640

Is there any difference in retail and bulk version of the drive? I mean if i take the bulk, can i apply the latest firmware and the patches?

thanx in advance

The faceplate is different. I have an OEM DW1640 and applied firmware BSLB without problems.

for me the price difference was like a £1 so naturally i got the retail for the better packaging and sealed box.

I got 3 Malaysian drives which is supposedly the better drives so I am as happy as larry.

Hi :slight_smile:
According to BenQ there are three options > Bulk > OEM > Retail.
Most retail/oem drives appear to come with BSHB or newer. If the firmware starts BS** then simply d/l the latest f/w & flash the drive.
Bulk drives should have bulk f/w GSHB or later(the only other f/w I’ve seen is GSKB, but I’ve not seen anywhere to d/l from.). As a result there is little in the way of f/w here, so the best option is to crossflash to one of the BS** series of f/w.
Using Quikee’s BQFlasher this is a breeze.

AS far as issue to your concern there are no differences between BenQ 1640 Balk or Retail, both are the same. With retail you get the connecting cable plus some burning software.

Hi :slight_smile:
Not sure this is true any longer.
Recently some drives have appeared with bulk f/w. Can’t remember the makes (BenQ clones), but they came with GSKB f/w. If you look here you’ll see that bulk f/w (GS**) is in seperate folder to the oem/retail f/w (BS**)that most of us have.
This bulk f/w does not at present support Solid Burn/OverSpeed.
So it may follow that BenQ will introduce this f/w to its “bulk” drives in future.However as I said in my earlier post, if your drive was to have this GS** f/w. Quikee’s BQFlasher will allow you to Crossflash/update the f/w to BS**.

Now you talking about extreme case which is involve fake or clone BenQ 1640 drive that is not at issue here, the issue is if you by legitimate BenQ drive (1640 or any model) from reputable store or outfit in retail , in white box or even in OEM form as far as quality of work (read & write) of the drive with same f/w is concern they all are the same.

Hi :slight_smile:
My point being that “BULK” f/w is different, hence need to Xflash. Just becuase it hasn’t happened doesn’t mean it won’t. So all I was implying was to pick the one that either you prefer if clone (although why you would is beyond me) or suits your pocket. In the end it makes no difference. So I agree with you, again just pointing out if the f/w situation was to change, It is not that important.