A small MSG to Ckin2001

Hi there its Red Rain…

Just for your msg back in my thread…I GOOGLED and this thread came up and I joined it…I didn’t see any start page or RULES…So honest mistake, that could have been made by anyone!!

I will be looking for your response in this thread!


Red Rain

you agreed to the rules that were displayed to you when you pressed the register button

Agree with Slayerking…

Case closed

in Regards to the Non pop up forums…I just was inquiring to how I might be able to burn Gta vice city and Liberty city, when I knmow there is some form of Safe Disk or protection software. I legally bought these 2 cd’s, and Would liek to make backups fo rmyself, the first cds of the set are copyable, its the playdisk…Hey…I might of agreed to the rules…but what I saw, was ppl helping ppl from your forum…

that’s all I’m asking is with my clone cd ver, how can I get the 2nd cd of Vice City and Liberty City to work?

PLease and thanks!

Red Rain

Hey…That’s all Bruthas!!!