A small comparison LG BENQ NEC

I decided to start this thread so most of the people can just have an idea on how these burners perform.
As soon as i have comparative results i’ll post them here

I’m going to post k-probe scans, but if someone wants to, i’ll post other test too

Hope to make something useful

As starter i’ve choosen a Taiyo Yuden media with code TYG01 4x rated

This time it’s up to TDK DVD+R 8x rated ( TDK002 )
Both NEC and BENQ are able to burn it at 16x
With LG i had a focus or tracking error with latest ( ) nero
Has to be noted that with LG max burn speed is 12x with FW A302

I forgot to say that both times I used FW B7L9 for Benq
and 2.C8 ( not SE ) for NEC

I did manage to perform a 8x burn on LG with TDK002 media with DVDDEcrypter
I did not try higher speed
However the result is self explaining…just one drawback…booktype :frowning:

PRINCO DVD-R 4x rated
All burners of course managed to burn this ‘crap’ :wink: but while scanning them the one burnt with Benq gave servo errors near the end and i had to stop the scan
The result are really good considering the media used

There is also to notice that Benq took up to 18min.24sec to burn, while NEC took 15.24 and LG took 15.40

Thanks muchly for the scans - thats a great help to me as I’m currently torn between choosing the NEC or Benq. It doesn’t seem like there is much between them in terms of quality so I guess it will just come down to pricing and availability. Two quick questions though:

  1. Have you had any issues reading back any of the burned discs on the NEC?

  2. Have you tried any burns on the Benq with the new B7M9 fw?


Actually all discs are movie backups and they play well in my player ( not PC )
If you need some reading test i’ll post results, but i’m pretty confident
that there are no problems at all
Regarding Benq I just had the chance to try the new fw with princo
I’m going to post results of fujifilm03 ( DVD-R 8x ) soon and of course
i’ll use B7M9


Great stuff - looking forward to seeing those scans :slight_smile:

Philips DVD-R 8x

Mediacode: FUJIFILM03

I don’t have a 3500 scan yet

FUJIFILM03 8x DVD-R media are as cheap as PRODISCR03 8x DVD+R media in South Korea. Available as BenQ brand. But PRODSCR03 media are more widely compatible at 8x speed, with better results.

Fujifilm03 @8x with ND3500

Thanks for head up
I’m just trying to do my best looking for all kind of disks available here in Italy
but it’s not so easy and sometimes it gets too much money to try new ones
( I paid for those fuji 5-pack about 9 Euros $7 more or less )
Hope to find cheap quality disks soon 'cause i’m not very satisfied of those results, I expected they perform better