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I just posted the article A small CD Freaks Note….

A little note from the CD Freaks team. As you all see we try to bring you some more news on the main page lately. More updates from programs, more hardware news, more mp3 news, more DVD news etc…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1607-A-small-CD-Freaks-Note___.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1607-A-small-CD-Freaks-Note___.html)

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OK! :8


Just to let you know I really appreciate all the latest news. Keep up that great job!


OK, from now on I’ll react on news postings


I noticed that to :frowning: but if i have a opinion or a somthing interested me i always let it know :slight_smile: So come guys and girls react on those posts like they say they do this for us!!!


OK :7 Keep up the good work It’s still the best news site :8


I try but it keep saying wrong password :+


keep up the good work!!!


Yeah dudes I do :slight_smile: But euh u r the best newssite, I know… …but (OT) who knows the best GSM site? I want to unlock the sagem MW 936? Grtz JP.


This is a great site. I come here multiple times a day to check on news about DVD’s, Napster, CDR’s and many other interesting things. This site rox!!!:slight_smile:




Very nice


I’ll try to react more often from now on. Final sxams are this week, then I’ll have more time to devote to posting and whatnot.


If you’ve forgot your password/user name you always have the option of just signing up again with a new set. The site rocks, always has, always will!


even i don’t react much, but i like u ppl a lot !! :stuck_out_tongue: [Doe zo verder]:9


Ok, just registered, will reply now and then…


The work you guys do is GREAT!:slight_smile:


Cdfreaks is the very first site that I go to everytime I get online. It is the most up to date and informative site that I know


You guys still run the greatest site on the Globe…CDFREAKS RULES BIGG TIME !!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok. This page rulez :7