A site I found telling you how to bypass key2audio


I found this site about bypassing Key2Audio.

Tell me what you think.

The Notorious E.D.D.I.E

Click here for the site

Are you sure you found this site ? And not made this site ? :wink:

I would suggest to read the last link in my signature…

Actually it is a friend that told me about it. my friends, friends, friends…made it

And his name is accidently also Eddie… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve just read the instructions on that website but I’m afraid I strictly cannot go along with that.

If you are able to extract a key2audio disc or not only depends on your reading device. Some drives just ignore the shxx in the 2nd and 3rd session of such discs, others don’t and refuse to read it.
It appears to me that the author of that website just has a drive which plays key2audio discs. On the other hand he doesn’t know that he needs to switch off the auto insert notification in order to avoid windows troubles. Maybe his ASPI-layer isn’t up to date, too.

Only few readers ignore it (one if these few readers is Memorx 12MAXX: You won’t even see the 2nd session in ISO-Buster).

Most readers, which are good for k2a, actually see that the session is crap, and try to make the best out of it, without ending in a “while (1) {}” - loop.

Well isn’t this site all about getting through protections :smiley:

Lets hope its for Legal Purposes :cop: