A Simple question ( I hope !)



Is it posible to burn DVD-Rs as book type DVD-ROMs?

The reason I ask is that I have a lot of DVD-R disks which I hope to play On my Philips DVD Player which will only play DVD+R disks




I think, it’s not that simple!

AFAIK “bitsetting” is out of every standard and was developed only because of compatibility issues with existing DVD stand alones when the +R/RW media became popular.
Although it was never thought for -R/RW, there are some writers out there (I think they’re from NU-Tech), that can make -R/RW look like bitsetted, but it isn’t the same procedure as with +R/RW.

For more information you need to ask more learned people than me!



Since this is the NEC forum, NO.
It is not possible and will never be possible on NEC drives.


my phillips dvd player (dvd625) it says that is only dvd+ but it plays dvd- the same way :), check it :slight_smile:


I’ve always thought that -R media had the booktype burned in at the time the blank media gets created and hence one can never change it ?

+R media on the other hand will allow for the booktype to be set when burning.

So, “wesociety” --> why do you say its not possible only for NEC drives ?
So are there other drives out there that can set it for “-R” media – I always thought it was physically impossible with -R !!
Can you clarify ?


It is physically impossible, however from what I understand, some drives can perform a “trick” where it burns the ‘mirror’ of the booktype to DVD-ROM.
This ‘mirror’ is a 2nd location on the disc where booktype is stored and referenced by some standalone players. So… some but not all standalone players will think that the DVD-R disc has a DVD-ROM booktype.

more info on this subject here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=93038