A simple newbi Question

Hay everyone,I purchased a new graphics card off ebay that requiers 400w and a 450w power supply.Is there anything i should take in to account before i just go ahead and plug everything in.

sorry im a newbi

You may need a pci-e 6 or 8 pin power adapter if this is a very high powered card. (assuming you are using a pci-e slot card) Your power supply may have this type of connector if it is fairly new, or your card may have a molex to pci-e power adapter included with it.

You can read about these power connectors at the bottom of this page: http://www.playtool.com/pages/psuconnectors/connectors.html#pciexpress

When installing a new video card, I always uninstall the drivers for the current card first. At that point you need to reboot the system, so I shut down the computer, unplug the power cable from the back of the computer and switch video cards. When you start the computer, you’ll be set to install the drivers for this new card.

:confused:Ummm, The power supply has the 4 pin peripheral power cables hanging out of it and my motherboard has the female connecters for them.It should all fit, does it depand on the graphic card to?

It might help to know the exact model computer and the graphics card you are trying to use.

If this is a home made computer, tell us the make and model of the motherboard and the power supply, as well as the graphics card. The card may very well come with any adapter you need for power though.

The other thing to consider when buying one of the very high powered video cards is the fact that they are rather big…some are so long they cause problems fitting into mid sized cases. You’ll soon find out if that is a problem for your specific case.

ok i understand now i think.I got my graphics card of e-bay this morning it requiers a pci-e x16 and i only got a x8 and down pci-e.is there somethis i can buy to run it?like a converter of sumsort…

thank for the help so far.

Interesting, motherboards that do have PCI express typically have at least one 16X slot. It really would help if you could tell us the brand and model of your motherboard.

I would be very surprised if there is an adapter on the market that would actually work. An adapter would presumably go into the slot and the graphics card inserted into the adapter - which would mean that it would no longer fit that chassis.

PCI express cards (at least in theory) automatically negotiate with the computers chipset how many lanes to use. For instance, there are many motherboards that have for instance one “proper” 16X slot and another that is physically a 16X slot but electrically an 8X slot - in which case a 16X card would fit in the slot but only work as a 8X card (on some motherboards that have this solution, the primary 16X slot would degrade (electrically) to an 8X slot if you use the other (physical) 8X slot).
A similar solution is to have a slot that is “open” in one end, which would have the same effect as the above - if you have, say, a 4X slot designed this way and insert a 16X card, the connectors for the remaining 12 lanes would be unconnected and the card would work as a 4X card.

So, if you could just let us know the brand and model of your motherboard, we should hopefully be able to tell if the graphics card would work in your system.
That said, using a card that is so powerful that it requires a fairly high end powersupply and then using it in a too narrow slot seems like a bit of a waste.

ok thanks.It says acer 661fx-m7 on it.

this is the graphics card i got, geforce 9400 GT

I’m a bit confused… It seems to be fairly difficult to find information on this motherboard, but it seems it doesn’t support PCI-Express at all? As far as I understand, it is based on the SiS661FX chipset which appears to be based on PCI with optionally AGP.

Im thinking i might buy a motherboard with pci express x16.what do you rekon?


[QUOTE=peter griffin;2410008]ok thanks.It says acer 661fx-m7 on it.[/QUOTE]

This thing? That’s sadly no PCI express, but AGP, so if you are absolutely sure it’s this thing then you need a new motherboard for your new card. :frowning:

The specifications of your GeForce card are right here.

I wanna buy this motherboard


But will my prosseser fit in this new motherboard(intel pentium 4 CPU 3.06GHz - 3.07GHz)

I think your processor will fit that board, but if you have correctly identified the old motherboard that you are currently using, you would have to buy new ram as well as this Gigabyte motherboard.

The memory (ram) used in your current board is DDR1. The Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L mATX that you have linked to uses DDR2.

could you please send me a link to what ram this motherboard takes?:stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know how much ram you want, but this is an example of the type of ram that motherboard takes: http://www.pcsuperstore.com.au/product-details.php?g_ProductID=12457

And here is the complete listing of that site’s DDR2 ram: http://www.pcsuperstore.com.au/product-list-only.php?g_CategoryID=49

my ram sticks are:

512MB DDR-400MHz-cl3

As I said before, your current ram will not work in the new Gigabyte board you said you wanted to buy. PC3200 is DDR1, and will not work in a board designed exclusively for DDR2.

ok then i know what i need to get it going now.thank you for all your help:)