A simple menu

i have the vob files from 2 movies created with dvdshrink that i want to burn onto one dvd+r ,how do i create a simple menu so i can choose which movie to watch first , then return to the menu
i have tried nerovision which looked cool, but the programme keeps crashing. nothing complicated just an image of the 2 movies
on the menu page with music if possible

any help please:confused:

DVDLab is the tool you need, check out http://www.mediachance.com/dvdlab/

will dvd lab encode the movies ,as nero just burns them straight to dvd

DVDLab will accept the elementary streams such as m2v and ac3 and then mux them together for you. It will also take a standard mpeg stream and demux it for you.

the 2 vob files whch i imported into dvdlab created 5 vts files and a pls default file which i burned with nero, but when i played the dvd on my standalone player 2 folders where displayed audio ts and video ts . no menu have i missed something do i need to input something besides the 2 vob files , or do i only need to burn the vts files.

sorry i’m new to this

You need to burn the VIDEO_TS folder will all its contents with the empty AUDIO_TS folder

thanks chickenman,sorted. can i transcode mp3’s for background music if so how

You can convert the MP3 to AC3 audio with BeSweet with either BeSweet GUI or AC3 Machine. Then just drag it to the menu box.