A silly thing in

In DVD-Video compilation, disc name is limited to 15 characters!!

Going back to…

I have been very disappointed with Nero in general and maybe Ahead in particular. It seems they have a knack for breaking software that had previously been fixed. NeroVision 4 and ShowTime 3 are examples. You would think an update made the software better, but not in Nero’s world!

For what I know, the only way to use longer names in label is to create ISO files, and then use imgburn to change label name (and also to burn the ISO)


made a mistake, is the same :frowning:

anyway, since Nero has so many functions, i guess we cannot blame the developers too much… cause it’s true that testing is boring :stuck_out_tongue:

When software has so many functions that none of them work correctly, it is time to strip it down, and make something that works.

if they’r egoing to take my money in exchange for an ever declining program functinoality wise then I’m sure as hell going to blame them!

nero could be great, but there’s a LOT of different programs, aspects, and features, and they rush too much. in my opinion nero 7 still should not have been released and it probably won’t be fully ready until nero 8 is about to hit the shelves.

i don’t purchase anything until i know the bugs have been worked out (windows is an exception…and a whole other thread if you want to hear me bitch about that haha)

I have to agree with reason. It’s not much point having something packed with features if there are so many bugs. This is whay I tend to go for seperate stand alone programs to deal with things, I only use Nero for data back ups and nothing else.

If those that do free software can fix a bug quickly I would love to know why a company that charges for its’ spftware can’t unless it’s an attitude of “We’ve alreday got the money…”

ok guys, a LITTLE update on bug(s) of nero @.@

actually this one kinda scares me, cause I think it’s quite bad!!..

I always use the “priority” setting on files to set a simple burning order of the files. Usually files in one folder are medium, and files in one folder are high (burn last). So I used to highlight all files in one folder, right click, choose property and set their priorities all at once. AND Nero will change all files’ names to something else… :clap: :Z