A shadow band moving left to right on screen every second

There is a vertical shadow band (1 inch wide) moving from the left of my TV screen to the right every one second. The DVD player is Philips DVP630 connected to TV via SCART cable. This occurs 1) before playing, 2) while playing, 3) while pausing, 4) while in SETUP screen in the middle of playing. Both DVD and XviD discs.

If the unit is put into stand-by mode and put back on then the shadow can disappear but this doesn’t always work.

The unit is also connected to a Compro VideoMate Live 2.0 via S-Video cable and there is no such problem on ComproPVR screen even while it’s happening on TV screen.

Anyone with DVP630, DVP632 or DVP642 or any other player have similar problem? It can be hard to recognize but once you’ve recognized it, it’ll always be there scanning your screen and it is very annoying.

Try to disconnect the S-vide cable while watching a movie.

It’s normally disconnected.

But alex thyl did remind me of something. Now problem solved! The player isn’t really connected directly to the TV but through an NTL set-top box (I completely forgot that)! The set-top box has to be put into stand-by while the player is on. I guess some sort of interference.


Glad you solved with a lil help that gave a hint :wink: .