A secret exposed

Ok people this is what I have been led to believe by a friend of mine that has extensive knowledge on this subject

It is not possible to copy any ps game version 1 or 2 for a very simple reason

Media my friends Media

If you would care to take a look at your Purchased from a shop PS disk Blue is the better to look at
And also grab a blank any kind doesn’t matter

If you have a close look at the inner blue side of the disk you will notice just on the outer side of the hump there is a incomplete data layer ABOUT 3/4 of a circle this holds the good stuff

It cannot be reproduced FULL STOP

As you will notice the shop bought blanks don’t have this

They cannot be purchased and you cannot buy a unit to burn to it anyway

If you grab a magnifying glass you can even read the tiny little bar code

So my interest in this subject just vanished like a rat up a drain pipe

You might wanna read here first before listening to what people tell you

Also, its a lot more than a limitation on the media, its actually a limitation on the burners, we dont have the hardware we need, and thats an explaination just to keep it very very simple.

lol, and he’s uncovered the whole mystery to ps1/2 backups :bow: :bow: genius…

Well done my friend, oh and why did you post this in the clonecd forum?

Read the first line of my post please befroe calling me an nang or laughing

My mum and missus do enough of that ???

And yes i did post saying i dont have a clue THATS WHAT I SAID or do i need to spell it (i is a dick)

Just for the record

You donyt need to have all the bits and bytes explained to understand that there is a physical limitation on store bought media just look at the disk
and yes if the disk is differant then so is the unit that writes to it

Thats good enough for me!!!

Cmon i have been involed in computers for many many years

Playstation for 5 days and i still cant get my thumb out of my ass

Please do not be offended, hburrows83 answered in his usual keen joke-style manner. I do hope you read through the thread in the post above as it will answer many many of your questions regarding the PSX copy protection and you will be able to teach your friend that has extensive knowledge a thing or two.

P.S. - the discs on PS1 are copyable and playable on PC via PSX emulator software such as Bleem, epsxe, and a few others. It uses a protection called libcrypt and can be copied by a few software companies’ software (clonecd, blindwrite, alcohol to name a few). The reason why it can’t be played on the PSX unit (without a mod chip anyway) is what the article in the above link entails and goes into great detail about.

Lets not start any flame wars or verbal fights here, I hope you can take my suggestion and continue with your quest for knowledge regarding this interesting copy protection that has to some degree gone unbeaten for years.

As I don’t own a Playstation 1/2 myself, i’m not the expert on how they work. But there are many ways to ‘trick’ things. Alot of PC Copy Protections claim that their CDs ‘cannot be copied because the CD is unique’, but there are also ways we can overcome it by taking different routes.

Take it easy steve, life’s too short to get offended… no harm no foul! :bow:

Please do not be offended, hburrows83 answered in his usual keen joke-style manner

Nicest thing anyone has ever said about me, awe :bigsmile: :iagree:


lol, too kind :slight_smile:

I think someone took offence to the tounge in my cheek