A sampling of British accents



I took the test. Scored a miserable 4 of 10, which is barely above random chance. :bigsmile:

Select Play if you want to do the test…explore lets you hear them beforehand and cheat.



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Sorry about that Dee. I had no way to predict that.


Who the hell can answer this except for the Britons but they’re excluded?

I have to listen 5x until I can even make sense out of that- sounds all like a Star-Wars pub!


Not a problem, Kerry. :slight_smile:
I just thought it was ironic that the natives were excluded. As Millennium says, who else can really understand what is being said.

I was also curious to hear if they had used native Brits in the test. :slight_smile:


I got 5 out of 10, a few by chance also.

I’m really surprised the British are excluded from the test, considering the Irish can take part and this test covers accents across the UK and Ireland.


Got 5 out of 10… but 4 of them were just guesses! :bigsmile:


All time worst I guess… 3 of 10 :slight_smile:


I meant to try this earlier but I forgot.

Anyone that’s blocked can use the Tor Browser to access this.

10/10 here BTW Kerry.

I’d imagine I wouldn’t do too well with a US equivalent though. :slight_smile: