A round felt-like piece came off my DVD/CD drive



I have no clue what it is, or how serious a problem it is, but it came off while ejecting a DVD I had just burned. It’s a circular/ donut looking piece. Any help on this would be appreciated.


Does it have a slightly sticky side (and probably black) and about 1/2 mm thick? It could be the soft plastic ring that cushions the drive motor to the bottom of the disc.

If that has fallen off then its more than likely your discs will slip when being spun up making a horrible noise and scratching the center hub of the disc.

Its possible to refit it; but to be honest, if you knew how to do that you probably wouldn’t need to be asking what it is…

…or it could just be a bit of damping felt that probably wasn’t doing anything useful.


It’s not sticky, nor black, however it seems like it could be some type of cushion. I tried playing a CD in it, and it worked. When I tried to eject the dvd it came out slow,with some resistance, and it had the torn round piece with it.


Did the DVD you burned come out of a tub ? (Cake box.)
If so, it’s probably the protective ring that some makers put on the very top of the disks for transport.
If it fits the plastic spindle in the tub, then thats what it is.


My thoughts exactly.


Yes, I hope that’s what it is. Thanx.