A RITEK G05 just snapped in my LG burner

I recorded some TV earlier with my Panasonic DVD-recorder using some old crappy ritek g05 printable media (my dvd recorder doesnt burn with the best quality so i use cheap media, then transfer the data to better media on my pc). I got all of the data off the disc so that i could re-burn it to something better later.

I decided to do a quality scan (with my BenQ) of the disc, i got a ‘no sense information error’ that i thought was strange after i had just ripped all the data to my hard drive.

Seeing as though i used my new LG GSA-4167b to rip the data from it i decided to do a transfer rate test with it. I heard a loud snap sound come from the drive, which made me think the drive was knackered.

So i ejected the disc and just over half of the top piece of plastic slid off the disc. Luckilly ive tested my LG and its working fine. Anybody ever had this happen to them?

Check out the pic:

Bloody hell :eek: - had to be a G05 :bigsmile:

Never had that happen, but I did manage to kill off the CD reading/burning bit of a LiteOn 851@832 just by scanning an 8 year old CDR.

Lucky your LG’s still alive to tell the tale!

Yeh im so glad it still works.

Just another reason never to buy g05 again


Glad your drive is ok!

So what brand was it?

Ridisc Xtreme Printable

Hope you managed to get all the bits of that broken disc out of the drive. Wouldn’t want any sharp bits poking around in there.

:eek: Never seen a similar thing.

I’m glad that your drive is still ok after a similar thing :iagree:

You sure it was Ritek G05 then? Ridisc whores itself out to all sorts of manufacturers. Then again it doesn’t surprise me since E-net distributed media have almost no quality standards for their media. I still wouldn’t trust A-Grade Ritek at this point but anything under the E-net label IMHO is just too much of a gamble.

Yeh, they only use Ritek stuff for the Xtreme range. It was obvious too as thats the MID code and the disc is really deap purple. Ritek G05 are worse than the stuff they use in there other discs though.

It was just one half of the top piece of plastic that snapped off. and it fit back together perfectly so there were no little bits left over luckily.

There’s a new factor in this horror story (congrats on the happy ending though! ;)) and that’s the desktop unit. Just got one here (Tevion) and it just about cooks the media. I’ve had two DVD+RW die on me in the last two weeks or so after only few writes. Does your Panasonic heat up a lot? Perhaps it’s not just the G05, but only perhaps :wink:

Ive had it for 2 years now. Its never caused me a problem with any media. Ive always used the same RAM media that came with the unit, its been re-written well over 100 times and its still going strong.

My friend had a cd shatter, and I mean shatter, in a drive once it screwed that one up for good.

Your incident may inadvertently give some proof as to why Ritek G05 has so many deteriortation issues over a relatively short period of time. For the layers of the disc to split so perfectly shows that the layers are very poorly bonded together and they can come apart at any time. Obviously this is an extreme case with your disc, where the two layers were bonded together well enough to at least make a successful burn and rip of the data, only to quickly split apart minutes later. I suspect that most of the problems that people are having with G05 discs is that the bonding of the layers is breaking down over time and the disc is quickly becoming unreadable because of it.

Maybe you should make a note of what happened in the experimental data thread on this site and link to this thread, people reading that thread might find what happened to your disc to be of interest.

Thats exactly what i thought. It would explain why all of mine and alot of other peoples Ritek G05 deteriorate over time.

I have posted in the experimental data thread, thanks for the suggestion.

Glad your drive is ok, first time I heard that.

Just a suggestion: I also have a Panasonic set-top DVD recorder and use DVD-RWs for transferring the recordings to my PC. They work just fine and I don’t have to waste “live” media. Hope this works for you.


My Panny wont record to dvd±rw, but will record to dvd-ram. I would have used these but they were in use at the time as i only have 2 of them.

If I were you, I would PM a moderator to change the title to reflect that this is the deadly Ritek G05. Many more people would benefit and possibly avoid even more Ritek trouble. Glad your drive survived.

Good idea, will do.

Last year, I accidentally put a blank Ritekg04 disc in an LG CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive. After that, the drive couldn’t read dvd’s anymore.

A new marketing strategy: Ritek G05, now with precision breakage! No more tiny bits to clean out of your drive when a disc breaks. :bigsmile: