A retro query.. CRX216E CD-RW

Bundle of stuff included this Sony CRX216E
Firmware PD01
Now from other archive digging, it appears this is a 48x slowdown of a Liteon 52327S, but there were also EEPROM and later non-EEPROM versions.
I’ve retrieved a copy of QS0E modded, but the CRX216E firmware at that time was PYB2.

Drive is CRX216E-DR dated May 2003 - wondering if the PD firmware means it’s a non-EEPROM version- in which case, PD03 is the latest I’ve come across.

Not got a massive use for it at the moment, but I gather this was one of the best CD-R chipsets and a 2 sheep burner.

All the other lumps, four IDE DVDRs of various make/model, I’ve already taken to latest available version and tested before adding to my spares pile (as old as a DVR-106 - white that will look great in my retro AGP build up to AW-G170A)