A recorded memorex dvd+rw won't play

Hello - new at this so be gentle…

I recently used a memorex dvd to burn a slide show with music for a family member. It turned out fine. I played it back on my pc as well as on my dvd player to make sure it worked.
But when my relative received the dvd it wouldn’t play on his dvd player…He also tried it on a couple friends dvd players, with no luck.
All it says is “blank cd”…

Should I have used something other than memorex? If so, what is a good dvd to record on that will play in “most” dvd players?


There is some very poor media for sale and one of the most unreliable is Memorex DVD+RW. If wou must use DVD+RW trust Verbatim, but nearly every DVD Player will play DVD-Rs Varbatim, Sony or Taiyo Yuden.

I assume you burnt the RW as if it was a “normal” DVD, this meaning not using packet burning software like InCD but Nero Burning Rom, Nero Express or a software to produce slideshows.
Compatibility probs are less frequent nowadays but still can happen, and as you say you can play it but a number of other players can’t it may be or not be a problem of the media you used.

Are you sure the other players can use DVD+RW discs?
Are those players PC drives or home players?
How did you burn the slide show? As a data disc or as a DVD video?
The best way to improve compatibility would be to burn the slideshow as video so the the player see it as a DVD-video, using a DVD-R or a DVD+R disc.
And if you use a DVD+R to use bit setting as a way for the player to “see” is as a commercial DVD-video disc. By the way, if your drive/software allow it you can also apply bit setting to a DVD+RW.
Nevertheless, using good media it is a good idea (besides I didn’t have bad experiences with Memorex media, but when it comes to DVD+RW I had problems using packet writting software - in the case InCD - that would not allow neither further writting to disc nor reading it, and this with other good brands of discs, including Verbatim).