A Realiable DVD burner?

Currently i own a Plextor Premium cd-r/rw drive and i must say i love that drive. I have yet to make a coaster with it, simply wonderful.

As of lately i’ve been looking to getting a DVD burner for my computer. I have a stand alone for my living room (DVP NS315/B) and it supports DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW. I’m looking for a realiable DVD burner, I have heard that the minus format is getting behind the plus format in the “format race” and that eventually the minus format will stop being made. Aside of all that i do favor the plus format (from what i’ve read) but i have no experience with either formats.

I’ll be honest here, lately i was looking at the Plextor 504A combo drive, i read a few good reviews on it and it seems to be a bad seed of some sort. I know its a rebadged drive but i dont really care, as long as i have a realiable dvd burner that will back up movies effeciently, and well with other top-notch programs like dvdxcopy and or clonedvd. I’m not concerned about speed, heh i still burn at 8x on my plextor premium.

Now here’s the kicker, i was thinking 2 drives since i have a PX-Premium, but i’m open for suggestions. I’d like to know of a good realiable combo drive out there that you guys recommend or perhaps just a dvd burner (non cd-r/rw). Like i said before the dvd burner will backup movies only, i dont intend to do anything else with it except backing up dvd movies etc.

As of right now, price doesnt matter to me at all. I was even looking at the Plextor 708A dual format dvd/cd burner too…

Any suggestions guys help a new guy out :bigsmile:
thankx and peace!

c’mon guys, any advice would help i know someone could reply to this, 36 people have viewed it :confused:

i have tdk 440n ± drive and works great for movies and i also have memorex +r that does great too no coasters nad copies all movies with dvd shrink and nero

Feast your eyes,both the price range and brand we spoke of…http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProdu…=14&order=1

This is from a previous thread,Pioneer makes a kickass drive,notorious for reading/writing cheap media. For price,and ease of operation,it can’t be beat,I’m thinking of getting one myself… :cool:

Yes the pioneer 106/A06 is a great writer for DVD as it supports almost every DVD-/+R/RW brand out there. Also have good write quality.

The Plextor PX-708A just need one or two more firmware updates to become a great writer as well.

I’ll recommend one of those.

My pioneer 106 works great,even with my crappy memorex -r media, no problems at 4x so far

Punkkloser,I use that same Memorex with my Sony,no problems…where do you get yours from???

I got mine when office depot had a buy one,get one free sale on the 25 packs,60.00 for 50 4x dvd-r