A real problem - ANY IDEAS?

Bought a new LG4150B DVDRW and istalled it as you do. Using cloneDVD, was happily backing up DVD’s left right and centre on all makes of DVD-Rs and +Rs. Quality was fantastic and had no problems at all playing them in my home DVD player.
One day however about a month ago, I backed up a DVD as usual. Went to play it in my home DVD and found that the film was ‘glitching’. It wasnt skipping any sections, just displaying a distorted blocky image for a split second, clipping a bit of audio out and then carrying on as usual. Naturally, I tried different types of media, but with the same result. These glitches always occured in exactly the same points in the films every time.
Thinking that maybe some benign software may be running in the background, I shut all the unneccessary stuff down. Still no joy. I decided it was time for a spring clean anyway, so decided to format my drive and start again. Got everything loaded up, installed all the software and still the same problem occuring.
Well I decided to contact LG who said that the drive was probably faulty and they replaced it FOC.
Got the brand new drive a few days ago and guess what? THE SAME DAMN PROBLEM!
Cant be the drive, cant be the media as all have worked fine in the past, cant be CLONEDVD coz that was fine too. What on earth could it be?
Could it be a power supply problem?

Which version of Clone and/or AnyDVD are you using? Have you tried any other version of Clone and/or AnyDVD.

with all thes testing I hope you are using RW’s…

are u pirating?.. if yes i cant help u

Its ok, believe it or not, I have solved the problem.
Put another borrowed PSU in and hey presto, runs as smooth as anything.

Not pirating, just backing up an original movie that I own. Dont like using the originals as I have had too many go bad after prolonged use.

@ LoBsTeR

Just ignore rooting comment, I have no idea where he got that statment from and who really cares. You gave no indication of pirating, that was one of the dumbest statments I have seen on this forum

Also LoBsTeR, welcome to the forum, this site is great for information…

Glad to see you figured out the problem…

Wow, hard to believe the Power Supply was the cause of the problem but if it’s fixed I guess you can’t complain to much (other than having to shell out another $30 for a good Power Supply, hehe…). I’m just glad you got it switched out before it did anything more detrimental to the computer other than making some coasters.

I’d imagine it’s hard for Optical Drive manufacturers to pin-point one thing in the computer and said that is bad or this is bad with so many variables from software to hardware to whatever. I can’t blame LG for replacing the drive, honestly, and it was good of them to do so regardless if the drive wasn’t bad or not - hopefully the new drive is working just as well as the old one did. Never know, if they didn’t find anything wrong with your old drive maybe they sent the old one back? hehe :slight_smile:

The power supply certainly was a good find! I’ll have to keep that in mind if I ever have issues with DVD-Burning stuff that wasn’t there before, nice to have a 400-Watt PSU laying around when you need it at any rate. :wink: Great first couple of posts, Lobster, hopefully you’ll stick around and join in on some of the other forums. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcome guys. Much appreciated.
Did some looking into power supply problems and an interesting statistic states that 28% of abnormal PC problems are caused by a faulty power supply. An interesting site points this out: http://www.pcguide.com/ref/power/sup/index-c.html
Anyway, everything is running as it should do. Will certainly keep in touch with this forum and am happy to help anyone in any way I can.
Many thanks to you all.