A Real Newbie Here



I recently replaced my stand alone DVD recorder that broke a few weeks ago. With this only being my first full day with the recorder, I decide to play around with it. My plan was to backup a commercial DVD and play around with the features while I do so. As soon as I start to play the movie the dreaded words appeared “Copy Protected.” Yikes! So I decide, maybe it’s just this particular DVD movie. Nope, I tried several others and they are all copy protected. Are all movies copy protected? Did I make a wrong choice in DVD recorders (Phillips)? Is there some way to get around the copy protection? A DVD Recorder is pretty much useless if you can’t record commerical DVDs.

I’ve heard Sima GoDVD works, but after computing the costs…it would be $100 for the GoDVD and the orginal $150 for the recorder. Would it be better to just return the DVD recorder and get a DVD Burner for my computer? My computer is three years old now. Are there free programs out there? Approx what would my out of pocket costs be? How much hard drive space do I need to do this? What exactly do I need to do this? Is it possible to connect it to a VCR or a TV to covert VHS or record a TV show? Is the quality the same burning as it is using a stand alone DVD recorder?

I feel dumb.

Any help is appreciated.


sad but true vitually all commercial DVDs are copy protected in some cases quite heavily. If you have a PC however with at least 1 DVD recording drive their is a software solution. I have not personally tried the GO Video recorder but have a combination VHS DVD recorder that will not burn backups of copy protected VHS or DVD media. There are a number of forums on this site offering hardware and software advice. I have found the products of Slysoft.com superior and recoment a combination of anyDvd and cloneDVD2 to create backups. Both can be tried for free for several weeks . Good Luck


A PC recorder is more versatile. Not only can you backup data files, you can make backups of dvds movies as well. If you buy a burner from NewEgg.com you can get a good one for $30. If you get a TV card then you can record tv shows and convert vhs tapes. Check out videohelp.com to get all of the programs you need for free.