A readme 1st for everybody!



Let us get going! :stuck_out_tongue:

Shortly(1 day!) after I bacame a mod at the Lite-on Forum, the CD-R Media forum is also re-opened(after some discussion with the cd-freaks crew). With me as the moderator of course :wink:

Well, I like media discussion very much, have a bit of knowledge when it comes to media, different brands and manufacturers.

To tell the fact I've saved one empty CD-R disc of every brand I've had since 1997, which now makes up a bit over 200 discs.

Here is something I'll like everybody to do when asking media questions: Download CD-R Identifier to find the manufacturer of the CD-R discs and paste all the information you get from CD-R Identifier into your post.

Why? Well, that's simple: Take an example: Memorex, memorex don't produce CD-R discs theirself, they buy it from various manufacturers. Then one person say "Memorex rules!" and another person say "Memorex is crap!", they may both have right because they may have discs from different manufacturers. To avoid such problems, please include the manufacturer information pasted from CD-R Identifier.

Grab CD-R Identifier here: CD-R Identifier version 1.63

Do it not work?
Well first install ASPI layer 4.60 and then if you want, upgrade to ASPI layer 4.71.

Installing ASPI layer 4.71 directly without having ASPI layer 4.60 installed will not work.