A-Ray TwinCreator


I’m trying to run TwinCreator on an mdf/mds image ripped with alcohol (in Vista). But it crashes immediately after hitting “Start”. I’ve tried the obvious stuff, reinstalling, ripping the image again, running a-ray as admin, in XP compatibility mode, etc.

Any ideas? Are there any alternatives to A-Ray TwinCreator?


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To clarify my earlier question a bit: I was trying to use TwinCreator to patch a backup image I ripped from a CD that uses SecuROM 7.x, I forget the exact version. I’m not entirely sure if this approach would have worked out even if the A-Ray software didn’t crash.

Anyway, I’ve managed to back up the CD using this excellent guide: http://club.cdfreaks.com/f80/illustrated-guide-copying-securom-7-rmps-emulation-143963/

In case you’re going to try Twinpeak copies in the future again please have a look at [U]this[/U] thread.