A-Ray Scanner

Hope I am in right forum :wink:


It is some time already that Andareed and me are working on new protection scanner. I think it is time to show our work. It is not ready yet and maybe design will change a bit. Hope you will like it when it will be ready one day… :stuck_out_tongue:

We are also looking for some skilled users that know C++ and CD Protections. If you want to join team contact me or Andareed.



Best Regards

R!Co & Andareed

Very, very good news. Sure I’m not the only bud unhappy with current protection scanners out there.

Certrainly it will not disappoint us. Keep the good effort and good luck.

Thanks :bow:

Nice work you two.

Looks and sounds great.

Keep up the great work both of you.

EDIT: I don’t know if you are want or are accepting suggestions but a pause or stop button would be great. On ClonyXXL sometimes it takes ages to scan and I want to stop it but the only way I seem to do it, is to crash the program.

as always
nice :slight_smile:

Very nice indeed :slight_smile:

Cant wait to see it .


lol gio :slight_smile: