A-ray scanner



I am new to this forum, this is the first time I have ever tried this.
I downloaded A-Ray Scanner to find the copy protection for a game, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08, it worked just fine. I used it again to find the copy protection for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06, in the black box just under half way down in the window, is ( [13:44:29 PM] — File(s) Scan Finished [3.87s] —), the information it gave is inside the parentheses. In the black box at the bottom of the window, all that is stated in there is (Ready).
I am running Windows 7, 2.00GHz dual core processor, 4GB Ram. Any idea how to get the type of copy protection used? Also Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 came out in 2005, That wouldn’t have any thing to do with it, would it, I know that game also has copy protection. I want to make backup copies of these game for my private use. I know it is illegal to mess with copy protection on any media. Can anybody help or offer a suggestion.


PGA 2006 has the Safedisc 4 copy protection.
You can assure that by scanning the installation directory with ProtectionID (Link).

The so called ‘Play CD’ (the one you have to insert to start the game) usually is the only one protected.
Take a look here on how to create a virtual or physical backup:

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