A-Ray Scanner v2.0.0.0 - Released

Well finnaly I can announce that version 2 is ready. I think this is best application from our team so far. First of all I would like to say thank you to Andareed for his help, NARS for his images, Kitna for his big help, syber for his skins (I will release them soon), Benny for webspace, VeNoM386 for support in few things and sending greetings to cdkiller ;). Well If I forgot someone PM me.

I’m sure you will notice that Profiler is missing. I decided to remove it for now due legal issue. I will make pool soon to see what do you think…so maybe I will add it later again.

What new you can find in this version ?

Well first of all I tried to speed up detection and lower resources used for it. New protections has been added or improved (Smarte,ProtectCD-VOB,JoWood Xprot,CDProtector…). Then you can try to use new Sector scan on some SafeDisc,Securom,Tages,CodeLock and PSX cds.
This version also fully supports Drag & Dropp function for files so feel free to scan any file you want…
There are many other improvments so its best to test :wink:

Download - ExE
Download - RaR

And here are two skins, just put this dll to folder with A-Ray.
Blue Skin
Red Skin

I think thats all for now…I have few more ideas how to improve A-Ray so expect new version…


A-Ray Team

Sweet! You are god!!!

Very Good! Good job R!Co…:slight_smile:

Hmm Where exactly ? I don’t see it :-/

LOL sorry something happened with my setup file…:slight_smile:

Nice one R!Co. Great job you and the boys are doing there.

Very nice piece of work :slight_smile:

Cool software. Good job R!Co

no profiler ? gee, thatz all i ever used it for :frowning:

Just what protections are you scanning for on PSX?
Hope it doesn’t claim libcrypt for any PSX cd like useless Clony does.

Very Nice, keep it up, less and less people seem to wanna do this anymore, always nice to see someone still committed with skills to release nice free little software like this for the community.

Much appreciated :slight_smile:

so you finished v2 :slight_smile:

Yes we did it finnaly :wink:


Btw. finally you don’t only have green… I didn’t like this green style in old one… in new one it is better but I prefer blue…

One other thing: to whom goes the last greeting (And one big greeting to…)?

Thats why I’ve made skins ;P. That one goes to one friend that helped me alot…

Great job R!Co. :bow: :bow:

When comes v3.0.0.0.? :stuck_out_tongue:

The ability to add custom skins is a major plus.
NARS has done a superb job on the default skin though. :bow:


Skins always help me copy CDs (haha), stick to the essential features please.

Just because you dont like a feature of the software does not mean work on that feature should be stopped.
Maybe skinning of ALL software should be halted to please you.

And maybe you would like to explain exactly what you think the esential features are…