A-Ray detects Safedisk 2.8, but



I just found a personal back up copy of a game that I had backed up some time ago. It is EA’s NBA Live 2003. A-Ray scanner says it is protected by Safedisk 2.8, and I notice on the protections database at makeabackup it says the same thing. However, when I place it in either of my burners, it installs and plays off the disk! What happened to the ATIP check?

Even more interesting, when I use Clone CD’s Protected PC Game profile, I can copy it and the copy of this copy works just as well. I have Alcohol 120% with “Ignore Media Type” unticked, Clone CD with “Hide CDR Media” unticked, so I have no ATIP hiders currently running, as far as I am aware.

What gives? Where’s the ATIP hider? Do EA use some sort of modified Safedisk without an ATIP hider?


Sounds like a bug in the copy protection. Rare but by no means unknown.


Yeah, you may find some exceptions some times…