A rather bizarre track transition problem with Nero

I’ve been using Nero for a few years now, and I’m currently on version 5.5. I briefly updated to version 6, but it doesn’t amend the problem that I’ve been having for a long time:

While this may seem unorthodox to some, I download live concerts. These concerts are usually in .shn or .flac formats, which extract to .wav. When I burn these concerts to CD, they are meant to have smooth track transitions to recreate the live feel.

What I find after the burn is that some of the CD-Rs have little pops in between a few of the tracks, and other CD-Rs are smooth the whole way though. I’ve been told some audio files themselves may have sector boundary errors, and must be corrected manually with CoolEdit. However, I’ve asked around and found that the files that give me errors are totally fine with everyone else.

I’m not sure if this is a unique problem, but I’ve tried both versions of Nero, and RecordNow Max, with the same track transition errors. Any help on this rather annoying problem would be wonderful.

easy solution: use a more advanced burning program than Nero, like Feurio!

Nero can’t correctly burn tracks that are not multiple of a CD-DA sector.
It will cut the last samples of every track, until the track has a size that is multiple of 588 samples.
This happens because every track on a CD-DA must have an integer number of tracks.

Select “Do not insert pauses between tracks - round track markers” in Feurio Settings, and the problem is solved.
Check if your drive is supported:

Thanks! I’ll give Feurio a shot again (I actually initially gave up because it was rather difficult for someone as technically challenged as me). Hopefully this should work.

When you round the track markers, does it detract from the quality or length of the music file?

no, there will be a slight displacement of the start of the tracks.

Imagine you have a WAV with 100000 samples.

Both, Nero and Feurio, will burn a track with 100000 / 588 = 170 sectors.

170 sectors = 99960 samples

where are the remainder 40 sectors?
Nero will discard them, losing that part of the track.
Feurio will burn those sectors at the beginning of the following track, allowing a smooth and perfect transition. All the music is there.
You only lose the exact starting position of the tracks, but this is the only way to have the original transitions.

Use the Track Editor and Wave Player to check that everything’s OK.

Cool, thanks very much for the clarification! I’ll give it a shot and report back with further information.