A rather awkward notebook question

I am ashamed to ask this question, but can a CRT monitor be connected to a laptop? Does the image quality degrade due to this trick? Are there any other drawbacks or nasty surprises when connecting CRT ( or LCD ) to a laptop ( resolution limits etc. ) ?

Thanks in advance

as far as i know all laptops have a crt output and an F key that switcthes between laptop lcd to crt look in the back for 15pin connector should be in blue or black color ,dont know bout the other two but anyway regarless to the quality and resolution dont count on laptop for gaming its just not intended for it

dont count on laptop for gaming its just not intended for it

I know that, but this should do a fairly good job:


i guess that depends on the games,x700 isnt all that great and if you got one of the models with 512mb ram that aint good either these days alot of games require 1024 to run smooth,anyway regardless to ram & gfx laptop hard drives are much slower then desktop ones they run at 4200 or 5400 rpm while desktop ones run at 7200 or 10000 if raptors and also desktop hard drives have 8mb buffer while in laptop its only 2mb and in most cases the cpu in desktop is much stronger

Thanks for yor advice.

I know desktops are far better for gaming, but I would prefer to have a notebook.

The question about the CRT arises because I simply can’t stand most of the monitors, so I need a safeboat if the one that comes with the laptop is crappy.

I’ve just bought this laptop and am now trying to connect it to my CRT. The problem is that it only runs at 60Hz which is not acceptable. I have tried making my CRT the primary monitor and switching off the panel. Even that didn’t work. I also tried overriding refresh rate in the Display properties -> Advanced -> Displays, but that didn’t get me anywhere. How to make my CRT do something more than 60Hz?

Video card: Mobility Radeon X700
Catalyst 5.7 (installed with a mod)

Have to ask why 60Hz is not acceptable? Anyway, it would totally depend on the capabilities of your monitor and your graphics card in your laptop - do you have the latest drivers for you laptop graphics card?

I know your graphics card is a good one, what resolution you got it set at - and how good is your monitor - it will tell the graphics card through DDR what refresh rates it will accept.

60Hz is not acceptable because of the eye strain.

I am using the latest 5.7 Catalyst drivers.

My CRT has no problem with high resolutions and refresh rates (CTX with a Sony Trinitron tube).

In fact, I cannot change the resolution of my CRT using laptop (it’s stuck at 1024x768). The panel is set at 1280x800 (I have tried turning it off completely).

60Hz is not acceptable because of the eye strain.

Damn right, just been argueing with my brother in law because he keeps setting the downstairs pc monitor to 60Hz because he wants to run it at 1024x768 instead of 800x600 @ 75Hz, and as its a crappy old 14" crt it wont go above 60Hz @ 1024x768, but he swears blind (and that’s how he’ll end up looking at that monitor :slight_smile: ) he can’t tell a difference, some of us are just more sensitive to these things

sorry i cant help but i can certainly see your point :slight_smile:

Does it show the correct monitor in Display Properties (or Catalyst)? If it shows only “Plug and Play Monitor” than that’s probably the problem. Maybe Catalyst cannot recognize CTX as Sony Trinitron?

The display properties show only two entries:

  1. Multiple monitors on X700
  2. Multiple monitors on X700

which means that CTX is not recognised. That said, I have this very same CRT connected to a Radeon 8500 (my desktop) and I simply override the refresh rate
settings. That doesn’t work with the laptop.

I was thinking of installing CTX drivers on the laptop, but I’m afraid it could go very wrong if these drivers were somehow assigned to the panel monitor and gave it the opportunity to feel the power of 100Hz, which would be bad.

Any ideas how to install CTX drivers without messing the panel?

Jesus H. Christ, Phil. Do you just wander from thread to thread spewing your retarded notions about computer hardware?


An x700 is a GREAT video card, especially for a laptop.

512MB is PLENTY for gaming. Would a gig be better? Sure. But not critical.

Hard drive speed? WHO CARES? The level might take an extra 5-10 seconds to load. OH MY GOD IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD.

Not everyone needs the latest and greatest. Some people like laptops, and laptops don’t all come with raptors and GeFart7000GTARL’s and 2gigs of RAM and Athlon64 FX’s.

This is the second thread where you’ve been trashing some poor newbie’s chosen system based on ridiculous assertions. CUT IT OUT.

60hz is bad on a CRT, but on an LCD it’s fine since there is no “refresh”.

but on an LCD it’s fine since there is no “refresh”

The problem is I want to connect it to a CRT and not LCD monitor.

I don’t think installing CTX driver will hurt you. If you want you can also manually select Sony Tinitron.

I don’t think installing CTX driver will hurt you

Well, this is slightly complicated. First of all, both the panel and the CRT are show up as “Plug and play monitor” in device manager. In theory, the first one should be the laptops monitor, but if not… Secondly, both monitors mimic each other. This is more or less okay with resolution but that cannot be said about the refresh rate. Unless I am terribly wrong, LCD (panel in my case) can go very bad then refresh rate is set to let’s say 100Hz.

That said, I have finally managed to get my CRT working at 100Hz. I did it by completely shutting off the panel, setting CRT as a primary monitor and then overriding the refresh rate settings (I have no idea why it didn’t work yesterday). However, I am not sure what would happen if the computer freezed. I would have to power it off and I am not sure if the display settings would remain unchanged (panel shut off, CRT as a primary). If not, the panel might go wrong.

Have you got any ideas of a more solid and reliable solution?