A Quick Underclocking Question



I have a 48125W not overclocked.

I am NOT impressed with the quality of burn this drive produces even when burning quality media at rated speeds.

I believe my 32123S gives a much better burn and wses and CD Speed seem to confirm this.

Is it possible to underclock to the lastest Zone CLV firmware for the 40X? If so what is the latest ZCLV firmware ver?

This of course will just be until Liteon gets the CAV firmware write quality up to par.





That should be possible.

Try fw ZS0A which is the latest Z-CLV firmware.

Normally write quality heavily depends on media used, cheap media = low write quality. Ritek type 7 and Taiyo yuden is good media types for example…


Thanks, I’ll try that fw for a bit.

It does VS6 does OK just not what I expect I’ve burned perfect and then not so perfect discs with it. Even my TY had C2’s at 16X using P dye, tuned X dye does OK up to 32X but hit or miss at 40X.


Update and commentary-

My 48125W is now a 40125S ZS0A,
I have done a few burn test and my TY both P and Tuned X both burn perfect cdspeed shows all green.
I even burned some DuraBrand (CMC) 24X rated at 40X and it was well Almost perfect just 3 or 4 yellow dots near the end.
The CMC at 40X VS06 were unreadable for the most part, and at 24X badly damaged.

This convinces me more that Liteon has an awesome Z-CLV strategy but their P-CAV and Full CAV need some more work.

Maybe when VS07 or whatever comes out my nice new 48X drive can be a 48X drive again.